Painting for Organizations

Building Social & Team Work Skills

Building Strong Social & Business Relationships

Paint your way to team building…Creativity, relaxation, and fun through the arts…
follow easy to understand steps from a knowledgeable facilitator who guides the group through a customized theme especially for your team’s mission or goal.Such as leadership activities, employee appreciation, creativity workshops, stress relief, the New Fiscal Year Kick Off and more…

It’s simple:

  1. Just decide on your theme/topic based on your team mission or goals. We will help you plan your event.
  2. Use multiple canvases or One Large Canvas depending on your goals.
    Cost starting at $25 – $35 per person depending on your canvas choice.
  3. Minimum of 12 people


Collaborative Painting – Each group contributes to a large  3 x 4 ft painting. Minimum 12 painters are recommended per collaborative painting.

Team Puzzles – Each team member paints a piece of a larger picture on their own individual canvas.

Straight Paint– Each team member can follow along on their own 16”x 20” canvas and replicate a painting that is demonstrated by the Professional Artist

The event includes planning, canvases, aprons, paints, easels, paint brushes, step-by-step direction, and professional assistance for 2 1/2 hours for your group.

The team works together to plan who will paint what and decide on colors.
Feel free to cater in your lunch or bring snacks to the studio or @ your location. Mobile creative team building is available.

A team spirited session …two and half hours of fun.
Through the team process, your colleagues begin to break down walls to improve communication as well as adding creative thinking to your group dynamic.
Get ready to hang your masterpiece in your office or take your individual piece home to hang in your home office.

Let the Painting for Singles and Couples Creative Team Building be your creative outlet.

An event  may be booked on the weekday or weekend nights based on availability

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